Gute Hongye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Goodrich Ultrasonic Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary, is a solid special ultrasound for non-standard customer base established, a division of the Division is located in the Guangming District, Shenzhen exchangeDepot industrial Park, covers an area of 16,000 square feet, the collection of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, civil ultrasonic cleaning machines, industrial cleaning lines, electroplating, cleaning line, industrial Water Purifier, industrial Chiller, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, hot stamping presses development, design, production, sales, technical services in one of the enterprises, the backbone of the ultrasonic Industry Co., Ltd. of Guangdong Goodrich.
Shenzhen City, Goodrich Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd., was established in 2003, is the Gute ultrasound to enter non-standard ultrasound industry pacesetter. Companies adhering to the Goodrich's successful business philosophy, personnel training as the core values and spirit of constant pursuit of perfect quality, lean customer, insist on innovation and development, to meet customer needs, and establish a solid special ultrasound image in the peer leader.
Gute Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd. According to different customer needs, design, produce different types of cleaning equipment industry involved in a variety of industries: automotive, hardware, electronics, chemicals, molds, optical, PCD circuit boards, etc. . Goodrich believes that: high quality products, reasonable prices, friendly service, understanding and support of new and old customers, Goodrich Hongye Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., tomorrow will be better! ! !